Budget Planning

Our sales and estimating department can give you accurate cost estimates to use for budgeting overall project cost.

Design / Build

We offer start to finish design build services assisting in the design process and eliminating the time consuming and costly process of bidding a project.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineer is licensed in all 48 contiguous states. We engineer everything we build to meet all applicable building code requirements.

CAD Detailing

Our submittal drawings are professionally produced on the latest version of Autocad. Our detailing staff works with the project manager to assure our submittals are accurate. CAD files are maintained as projects progress guaranteeing accurate as-built drawings at the end of a project.

Field Measurements

Our project managers and field superintendents verify all fabrication drawing dimensions and existing construction conditions prior to building your project. This guarantees an accurate installation.


We fabricate our products to the greatest extent possible in the shop. This minimizes the variables and improves our quality. Some field fabrication is unavoidable. We try to match the correct man to the work requirements to insure the best field fabrication possible.


We have the best installers in the specialty metal business. We have a broad range of products to install so our men are cross trained and have many trade skills. They are familiar with a variety of field conditions and can solve field installation problems quickly or identify options for customer considerations.

Project Management

This is the captain of the ship and we give each project manager the authority they need to make real time decisions. Our professional project managers know how to communicate effectively and anticipate and solve problems before they occur.

Personal Attention

If you have a question we will get you the answer. We know that problems arise in projects that will need immediate attention. Telephone calls, emails and correspondences are answered in a timely manner. We will provide you the personal service you deserve.

Close-out Documents

As-built drawings warranties and maintenance manuals are part of the project too. You can expect Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc. to give you the same service at the end of a project as we did at the beginning.

Safety Program

Southwest Metalsmiths is committed to personnel safety in the work place. We have established safety programs for our shop and installation crews. We attend project safety meetings, work carefully, maintain a clean work area and wear safety equipment in the performance of our work.

Quality Control

Every person at Southwest Metalsmiths is responsible for evaluating their work. They are expected to check and double check for mistakes. Sometimes this is not enough so we have established procedures for cross checking and verifying that everything from quantities and dimensions on drawings and purchase orders to shipping manifest, weld inspections for fabricated parts in the shop and field tests are reviewed by more than one person to insure their accuracy.

Drug Free Environment

Random drug testing is required for every employee at Southwest Metalsmiths. An initial test is given at employment and continues as long as the employee works at Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc..