TIG Welder

Reports to Shop Manager


  1. The fabrication of various types of custom metal assemblies requiring cutting, welding and finishing.

TIG Welder Requirements

  1. Pass drug test.
  2. Experience welding non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.
  3. Experience welding, brazing and cutting using gas and electric welding equipment.
  4. Read and understand fabrication drawings and weld symbols.
  5. Maintain a safe work area.
  6. Wear Protective equipment at all times while working.
  7. Clean and prepare surfaces to be welded, set-up, assemble and tack-weld parts.
  8. Assist in cutting and/or finishing parts as required.
  9. Maintain equipment and keep work area clean.
  10. Inspect personal work for accuracy.
  11. Follow quality control procedures.
  12. Verify correct metal alloys are used in materials.
  13. Verify dimensions and quantities match fabrication drawings.
  14. Coordinate welding inspections as required.
  15. Prepare reports as required.
  16. Enter project work hours on work orders and time cards.
  17. Minimum work week is Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Skill Requirements

  1. Two years previous experience and/or welding test supervised by the shop manager.
  2. General knowledge of standard welding processes and practices.
  3. Welding certification.


  1. This job may expose the worker to and others around the work area to dangerous burns and/or damage due to flashing and glare. Accident hazards can also involve sever cuts and bruises. Protective equipment is required and must be worn at all times when working.

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