Project Manager

When the project is managed professionally and effectively, the customer will come back, assuring revenue for the company. The Project Manager has the ability to directly impact the profitability of each project and of Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc.


  1. Plan, organize and staff key field positions through regional department.
  2. Establish project objectives, policies, procedures, and performance standards within boundaries of corporate.
  3. Initiate and maintain liaison with prime client and A/E contacts, to facilitate construction.
  4. Monitor/control construction through administrative direction of on-site superintendent to ensure project is built on schedule and within budget; investigate potentially serious situations and implement corrective actions.
  5. Represent company in project meetings, assist in labor negotiations/strategic planning meetings.
  6. Manage financial aspects of contracts (fee payment, rental equipment, income/expenses) to protect company’s interest and simultaneously maintain good relationship with clients.
  7. Assume additional responsibilities as directed by the senior project manager or corporate officers.


Educational and experience requirement includes: 4-year engineering degree or equivalent, plus extensive (five or more years) experience/knowledge of construction, design, finance, and management required. Must be able to apply innovative and effective management techniques to maximize employee performance. Thorough understanding of corporate and industry practices, processes, standards, etc. and their impact on project activities, superior communication and must have strong interpersonal communication skills. Must be a business-oriented person.


Reports to Vice President or Senior Project Manager. Makes decisions and recommendations which can greatly impact corporate relationship with clients and project profitability. Management responsibility generally limited to smaller less critical projects.