Devon Energy

A rooftop design was featured atop a 52-floor building using a stainless-steel catwalk system including two stairs and lighted stainless-steel handrail all around. BIM was used to model this entire rooftop system. It was also assembled on the ground at our shop to ensure all pieces fit prior to shipping to Oklahoma City and flying it up on the roof.

Two fully fabricated stairs were made at our shop. 4”x10” stringers were made out of ½” thick S/S plate, fully welded out and finished to create a 100% seamless box stringer with a NOMMA1 fine satin finish. Field connections were welded and finished on site to complete the seamless 3 story stair that had to be flown through windows on the 45th and 46th floors. Glass panels mounted to S/S arms and lighted S/S handrails completed this flawless feature stair.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Contractor: Holder-Flintco, a Joint Venture
Architect: Gensler
Design Engineering: Gensler
Year Completed: 2012