James W. Suft

As you are well aware, Suft Construction Corp. and their very competent and capable Subcontractors and Suppliers have successfully completed the work of the new Clubhouse at Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are very proud of our effort, workmanship and the timeliness of the completion of this project. We owe you our sincerest gratitude for the cooperation we received from the staff you employed on this project. In addition, the quality standards are in my opinion at the highest level attainable. As a result, this project was recognized at the American Subcontractor’s Association Awards Banquet as the outstanding project (under seven million 57,000,000) for 1995. Thank you very much for your help for obtaining this recognition for this fine project.

The relationships we maintain between our Subcontractors and Suppliers are very important to us. Without your preferential or otherwise competitive bid, we would not be fortunate enough to obtain the work from which we have benefitted.

On behalf of myself, Gordon Prechel, George Delk and Steve Davis we extend to you our appreciation for a job well done and we trust your 1996 work year will be a rewarding one for you.

Lastly, we are anticipating further work at the Grayhawk Golf Club. With this in mind, you can be sure that you will be contacted by us at the appropriate time to submit further Bid Proposals on the work to be accomplished at this fine Scottsdale Golf Club.