Architectural & Ornamental Metalwork


Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc. loves to bring the Architect’s vision into reality

We specialize in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and steel architectural metal fabrication and installation. Our scope of work includes turnkey monumental stairs, which includes glass stair rails, guardrails and handrails, column enclosures, escalator cladding, elevator interiors and lobbies, interior wall panels, beam and soffit cladding, grilles, sunshades, canopies, kiosks, and custom fixtures.



Latest Projects

Fort Worth MP Arena

Location: Dallas Fort Worth, TX Architect: HKS Design Architect: David Schwarz Contractor: HCBeck, Ltd. Year Completed: 2019 Project details >

UofA Health Building

Location: Tucson, AZ Architect: CO Architects / Swaim Associates Ltd. Contractor: Kitchell Contractors Inc. Year Completed: 2019 Project details >

Wynn Hotel Rail Project

Location: Las Vegas, NV Architect: Butler Ashworth Architects Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Year Completed: 2019 Project details >

Google SVLMP

Truly a mind teaser. 2 ½” round powder-coated aluminum tubes were precisely placed apart from each other at different angles to create the criss-cross basketball net look. An inner ring of tubes and an outer... Read more » Project details >

From Our Great Clients

DPR Construction

We have been working with Southwest Metalsmiths for the past 20 years on many high-end interior projects in the Phoenix and Tucson metro. They consistently deliver amazing results on systems with high-end metals, glass and other unique materials that serve as feature elements in the finished spaces we build.

DL Withers / Vice President

Southwest Metalsmiths on the jobsite means relief. You can breathe easier when they arrive. You know they have done the upfront design work and solved potential problems before they show up on site. Their leadership and their crews understand the rules of the jobsite and most importantly they understand quality. They are professionals. And the relief is—you do not have to worry. The job will be done on schedule and it will be right the first time. Southwest Metalsmiths recently completed work for us on the new Arrowhead BMW project in Glendale 3/2019, Arizona and did an excellent job in all respects.

Hensel Phelps / Project Manager

My experience with Southwest Metalsmiths group has been excellent. Their expertise and professionalism in all phases of specialty metal procurement, fabrication and installation are of the highest caliber. Their attention to detail during the estimating, purchasing, shop drawing, and fabrication processes eliminate virtually all the coordination, dimensional and field fit issues typical to this trade. Their field installation supervisors and crews are accommodating of project and schedule needs - regardless of shift work, weekend, or off-hours work. The quality of the fabricated work and final fit and finish is exceptional.

The PENTA Building Group / Project Executive

Southwest Metalsmiths has proven to be a solid performer on several critical, high end projects time and time again. They have taken architectural concepts, worked with the project team to understand the function and features of the product design, and turned those concepts into fully functional works of art – From Staircases with color changing LED Glass treads to DJ booths rising out of pool decks. In the busy construction field, Southwest Metalsmiths separates themselves from other contractors though their work excellence while still being one of the few “relationship” focused companies. Their approach to these projects is appreciated!

Tech One Partners / Project Managers

We wish to extend our personal thank you to all your staff who worked so hard on the Maui High Performance Computing Center. When we started this project late last November, there were many who didn’t believe we would be finished at the end of April. Not only was the work completed, the computers were operating in the building on May 2! It took a great deal of cooperation and long hours by everyone to bring this most important project to a successful, on-time completion. As Owners of the building, we are extremely pleased. Everyone who sees it knows immediately that it is a quality facility, built by people who take great pride in their work. Thank you again for your part. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with you.

Valco Construction Company, Inc. / Vice President

We would like to take this opportunity to commend you on a job well done on the above referenced project. Your methods of scheduling, quality control and actual job performance not only produce a good finished product, but also a timely one. You demonstrated a sincere interest and pride in our project that far exceeds the normal practices of subcontractors today. It is businesses such as yours that make our job as general contractors much easier and more rewarding. We wish continued success in your endeavors, and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

KITCHELL / Vice President of Operations

On behalf of the jobsite team for the Phoenix Newspaper project in Phoenix, I would like to commend your firm on the outstanding performance of your project team. Their ability to manage the scope of work made a significant contribution to the success of this project. We appreciate the opportunity to work with a company who makes a conscientious effort to ensure quality workmanship and exhibit safe jobsite practices at all times. The project team indicated that your firm performed "above and beyond" the requirements. We look forward to working with Southwest on future projects, and appreciate the working relationship we have developed over the years.

Perini Western U.S. Division / President

On behalf of all of us associated with the Perini family of companies, I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for your company's involvement in the America West Arena and personally wanted to share with you my thoughts as expressed in the recent editorial (attached). I know you join with us in the pride of our mutual accomplishments for which recognition is so very well deserved. We look forward to many more successes as we will hopefully have the opportunity of working together on future building programs.

City of Phoenix / Assistant City Manager

Congratulations on your award from Reynolds Aluminum for your steel craftsmanship on the Phoenix new City Hall project. It was a pleasure to visit your facility, witness the Reynolds presentation and see so many familiar faces of those who worked on City Hall. Thank you and thanks to Lisa for inviting me to participate. You and your company are quite a success story. Your hard work and drive are reflected in our new building. Thank you for the effort you and Gene Curry expended to make sure we met our construction completion schedule. Best wishes for continued success.

McCarthy / Executive Vice President

At the completion of each of our projects, our field staff does an evaluation of the performance of each of our subcontractors. I am pleased to include a copy of your excellent evaluation. We appreciate your efforts on this project and we look forward to working with you on future projects. Thank you for doing a great job!

Hensel Phelps Construction Co. / Project Manager

On behalf of all of us at Hensel Phelps Construction Co., we are congratulating Southwest MetalSmiths on the successful completion of the Yuma Municipal Government Complex. Your office & field performance was instrumental in meeting an aggressive contract completion date of June 7, 2002. It was a true “teamwork" effort with your fellow Subcontractors and our staff working together to meet mutual objectives on this important project for the City of Yuma. We are all proud to be part of it. All of your personal, especially your craftsman, deserve individual recognition and we ask that you please pass along ours thanks to them. In particular we would like to express our appreciation to Steve Fandry and Matt Singer whose skill, dedication, and performance helped make the project successful. We look forward to future successful projects with your organization.

Suft Construction Corp.

As you are well aware, Suft Construction Corp. and their very competent and capable Subcontractors and Suppliers have successfully completed the work of the new Clubhouse at Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale, Arizona. We are very proud of our effort, workmanship and the timeliness of the completion of this project. We owe you our sincerest gratitude for the cooperation we received from the staff you employed on this project. In addition, the quality standards are in my opinion at the highest level attainable. As a result, this project was recognized at the American Subcontractor’s Association Awards Banquet as the outstanding project (under seven million 57,000,000) for 1995. Thank you very much for your help for obtaining this recognition for this fine project. The relationships we maintain between our Subcontractors and Suppliers are very important to us. Without your preferential or otherwise competitive bid, we would not be fortunate enough to obtain the work from which we have benefitted. On behalf of myself, Gordon Prechel, George Delk and Steve Davis we extend to you our appreciation for a job well done and we trust your 1996 work year will be a rewarding one for you. Lastly, we are anticipating further work at the Grayhawk Golf Club. With this in mind, you can be sure that you will be contacted by us at the appropriate time to submit further Bid Proposals on the work to be accomplished at this fine Scottsdale Golf Club.

Sundt Corp. / Project Engineer

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the efforts, hard work and cooperation put forth to prepare the Park Bridge Office Building for the Owner’s Christmas Party. The Owner was truly impressed, as were many of the attendees with the project that was produced. Again, I thank you.