Phoenix City Hall

Location: Phoenix, AZ Architect: Langdon Wilson Contractor: Hunt Construction Group, Inc. Completed: 1994 Project details >

San Jose Bus Stops

Location: San Jose, CA Architect: Tolar Manufacturing Company Year Completed: 2017 Contractor: Tolar Manufacturing Company Project details >

Fort Worth MP Arena

Location: Dallas Fort Worth, TX Architect: HKS Design Architect: David Schwarz Year Completed: 2019 Contractor: HCBeck, Ltd. Project details >

Talking Stick Resort

Location: Scottsdale, AZ Architect: FFKR Architects Year Completed: 2014 Contractor: The PENTA Building Group Project details >

Tropicana Bridge

Location: Las Vegas, NV Architect: Studio West Inc. Year Completed: 2018 Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Project details >

UofA Health Bldg.

Location: Tucson, AZ Architect: CO Architects / Swaim Associates Ltd Year Completed: 2019 Contractor: Kitchell Contractors Inc Project details >

Wynn Hotel Rail Project

Location: Las Vegas, NV Architect: Butler Ashworth Architects Year Completed: 2019 Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Project details >

Hawaii POW MIA

Location: Oahu, HI Architect: Smith Group Year Completed: 2013 Contractor: Misc T Metals LLC Project details >

HYD Panels

Location: Hyderabad, India Architect: Richard+Bauer Architecture, LLC Year Completed: 2016 Contractor: Richard+Bauer Architecture, LLC Project details >

Veer Tower

Location: Las Vegas, NV Architect: Murphy/Jahn Architects Year Completed: 2009 Contractor: Perini Building Company Project details >

701 Brickell Avenue

Location: Miami, FL Year Completed: 2007 Contractor: Turner Construction Project details >

Smith Perf Art Education Center

Location: Las Vegas, NV Architect: HKS Year Completed: 2012 Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Project details >

New Central Library

Location: Austin, TX Architect: Lake Flato Architects, Shepley Bulfinch Year Completed: 2017 Contractor: Hensel Phelps Project details >

Sandridge Energy

Location: Oklahoma City, OK Completed: 2010 Architect: Rogers Marvel Architects Engineer: Eckersley O’Callaghan​ Project details >

Mesa Light Rail

Working with local artists to bring their vision to reality was exciting and a great accomplishment. Large steel plate sheets were waterjet cut in specific patterns, powder coated and built into the structural framework. Multiple... Read more » Project details >

Devon Energy

A rooftop design was featured atop a 52-floor building using a stainless-steel catwalk system including two stairs and lighted stainless-steel handrail all around. BIM was used to model this entire rooftop system. It was also... Read more » Project details >

Denver Justice Center

The courthouse featured a stair mostly suspended from the ceiling with four levels of balconies to create an amazing atrium feature of a 15’ tall and 7’ tall puck mounted glass rail system. The 15’... Read more » Project details >


Truly a mind teaser. 2 ½” round powder coated aluminum tubes were precisely placed apart from each other at different angles to create the criss-cross basketball net look. An inner ring of tubes and an... Read more » Project details >

ASU Stadium

Tearing down half of a stadium at the end of a season and having it ready nine months later for kickoff was no small task. Fabricating well over 1400 rails of many different styles and... Read more » Project details >

3239 E 2nd Ave.

As if building a complete spiral stair out of steel, stainless steel, opaque glass and wood wasn’t a big enough challenge. Project details >

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